YarnOgram.com – a new division of Vertigo Creative

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Jan. 05, 2017: Vertigo Creative Services LLC is happy to announce the opening of our latest division, “YarnOgram.com” which may be found online at https://www.yarnOgram.com. YarnOgram is a new yarn subscription club that will serve knitters, crocheters, and other crafters beginning with the United States, with a projected international offering later in 2017. This division will take


Embroidery Stitches – 101

  The elegance and style of quality embroidered apparel will certainly help your organization make a great first impression! Different logos, as well as different apparel materials, may require or look nicer with different embroidery techniques. In addition, the type of material to be used should be established before deciding on the right stitch for the job, so it is usually


Enjoy our new website!

Built from the ground up, 2016 brings a completely new website for Vertigo Creative Services. Of course, we’ve done this several times since our first website in 2002, but a fresh page always cleans things up and gets us ready for moving into 2017 and beyond! Thanks for visiting!