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IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Jan. 05, 2017:

Vertigo Creative Services LLC is happy to announce the opening of our latest division, “YarnOgram.com” which may be found online at https://www.yarnOgram.com.

YarnOgram is a new yarn subscription club that will serve knitters, crocheters, and other crafters beginning with the United States, with a projected international offering later in 2017.

This division will take its place among other competing yarn subscription clubs while standing above them with an innovative and distinct model of serving subscribers a product that will surely bring a freshness to the market.

Founded December 7, 2016, Yarnogram.com went live on January 2, 2017 and is now taking orders.

We look forward to this new expansion, as well as the many customers, suppliers, and reviewers who will indirectly become new clients of Vertigo Creative Services LLC.

Jon Sharp – Gen Mgr

Vertigo Creative Services LLC
Lubboc Texas